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  • 产品名称: Variopress 300

Uniform Ring Heating

This simple insert helps counteract the heat loss experience by conventional press ovens by raising the ring up to evenly expose the entire ring to the heating elements. The ring sits on the tripod inside the firing chamber throughout the entire process.


Z-Dry Mode

Accurate and time-saving
A virtual sensor adjusts the lift position based on the temperature in the firing chamber and automatically ensures an ideal and constant pre-drying temperature. This feature saves time from the traditional methodology and is much more accurate.




Safety Through PFC


If the power goes out, PFC is activated! Once power is restored the oven operation is returned to the point of interruption.



Touch Glass Dispay

Made of Safety Glass
The innovative and modern touch glass display is made of impact and heat-resistant safety glass. This has proven to be a clean, comfortable and virtually indestructible solution when compared with a membrane keyboard. We now offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the glass!


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