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  • 产品名称: Disposable Plungers

Disposable Plunger
The Zubler® single-use plungers (with diameters of 12 mm for 2-g ingots,  16 mm for 5-g ingots and 13 mm for 3-g and  6-g lithium disilicate ingots) are suitable for all pressable ceramics. There will be no more time-consuming divesting of the Alox plunger, no microcracks in the sprues thanks to a unique chemical composition.
No pre-heating required – simply place in a pre-heated ring and start the pressing procedure.

Contents:    Ø 12mm 50 Ct.
Order No.    20/0235
Contents:    Ø 13mm 50 Ct.
Order No.    20/0238
Contents:    Ø 16mm 28 Ct.
Order No.    20/0237


Zubler meets the requirement for

comprehensive milling centers with

the newest design and ultramodern milling technology.

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