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Vacuum funnels R1200 / R1250
The Zubler R1200, R1250, and R1251 vacuum funnels ensure a maximum of dust removal. A gold trap filter is available for the R1250 and R1251 models, allowing separate filtering for precious metals.
The funnels are compatible with the R1000 fixed rectangular suction pipes and the R1300 telescoping suction pipe.
Vacuum hood R1500
The R1500 vacuum hood with its flexible arm can be placed in any position where dust is generated. It is particularly suitable for removing toxic fumes during investing and divesting.
Monomer bath R1600
Integrating the R1600 monomer bath in the workbench top creates a comfortable stationary position for mixing acrylics.
The mobile version, R1601, can be moved between working positions by simply inserting it into the existing R1000 or R1300 rectangular suction pipe instead of the vacuum funnel.
Cleaning set RS 1/2
Vacuum sockets connected to the central vacuum system can be installed anywhere in the dental laboratory. Using the appropriate cleaning accessories, floor and workbench surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily. 
R1700 SprayBox
Great add on for digital techs. Hooks up directly to central suction or personal suction systems, designed to collect aerosol or other sprays. 



Zubler meets the requirement for

comprehensive milling centers with

the newest design and ultramodern milling technology.

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